Letter: Arizona has funny way of showing commitment to education

Re: the June 24 article, “Arizona Education is on an upswing.”

I was struck by Lea Marquez-Peterson’s statement, “Arizona has made education a priority both in terms of funding and reform” as it is contradicted by Governor Ducey’s failure to make any effort to fulfill his promise that Prop 123 is merely the first step in restoring funding previously cut from our public schools.

Schools should not need to trade-off dollars for teacher salaries against fixing a crumbling roof or a leaky pipe. If Arizonans want quality education – Ms. Marquez-Peterson says she does – we must fund both. You cannot expect students to learn in 100-plus degree heat when the HVAC system has broken down, just as you cannot expect students to excel in classes overcrowded due to teacher shortages.

Kirsten Engel

This letter originally appeared in the Arizona Daily Star.

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