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The daughter of two teachers, Kirsten Engel grew up on Chicago's south side. She went on to graduate with honors from Brown University and Northwestern University's School of Law. 


Specializing in environmental and administrative law, Kirsten has taught at some of America’s most prestigious universities including Tulane and Harvard. She now teaches at the University of Arizona, where she served as Associate Dean and Director of the Environmental Law Program. 


As a legislator, Kirsten worked to restore funding to public schools, protect Arizona's natural resources, and make our communities safer by reforming the state's criminal justice system. 


As a wife and mother, Kirsten is ready to bring her experience, drive, and determination to Washington. There, she'll fight to make our community a better, safer, and more equitable place for every family and child.

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My parents were both educators and they taught me from an early age the importance of giving back to my community and taking part in the decisions that shape the world around us. They believed that every person mattered, that every person has a voice that has a right to be heard and that there is no problem too big that we can’t solve it together.


We’ve raised our daughter on those values and they are the ones that motivated me to run for the legislature where I am proud to have fought for better education for our kids - from grade school through college - for sustainable jobs and housing for working families, and for a healthy environment.


I want to bring my experience as an attorney, a legislator, and a woman and a mom to Washington to help southern Arizona families and small businesses to not only recover from the global pandemic, but take that next step to building a sustainable economy with opportunities for all.


I am committed to fighting everyday as a member of Congress to find common sense solutions to the challenges we’re facing here in southern Arizona.