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Southern Arizona voters need to see evidence in a straightforward tone on broadcast television in Tucson, OTT/CTV districtwide, digital district wide and in the mail that Juan Ciscomani has a long history of pushing far right views.

  • Juan Ciscomani has spent most of his adult life on the board of directors of a Christian Nationalist group called the Patriot Academy that believes we should rewrite the constitution to establish a Christian Nation and considers the separation of church and state a “myth.” The Patriot Academy trains children as young as eleven years old to use lethal force, believes we should abolish gay marriage and is against abortion with no exceptions.

  • Ciscomani has voted for national abortion restrictions and supports allowing politicians to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape and incest. And Ciscomani strongly supports Donald Trump, who says states should have the right to monitor every woman who gets pregnant in the state to make sure they have not had an illegal abortion. 

  • Juan Ciscomani is a member of a far right group fighting to raise the retirement age for Social Security, end Medicare’s ability to negotiate for lower prescription drug costs and cut taxes by $175,000 for people earning more than $4.5 million a year, all while allowing the government to tax Arizonans’ healthcare.

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