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Building an economy that works for everyone

Investing in infrastructure development – both physical and social – will help Arizona realize its full potential. Environmentally sustainable physical infrastructure -- the bricks, mortar, and digital – will help us expand our economy and safeguard our natural resources. This includes rural broadband and improvements in commerce and transportation – from roads, to our ports of entry along the border. To power a sustainable 21st century economy and enable more people to be part of rebuilding our economy, we also need upgraded social infrastructure -- such as job training, childcare supports, and college and career-readiness programs.

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Expanding access to affordable, quality healthcare

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Unfortunately, too many people still don’t have access to affordable quality healthcare. We need long-discussed solutions to reduce the price of prescription drugs, like allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and cap the amount everyday Americans must pay for a plan on the health insurance marketplace. No one should have to choose between paying for healthcare or paying their rent and putting food on the table.

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Fighting for reproductive choice

Reproductive healthcare and a person’s right to choose should not be up for debate. The attacks on abortion access and reproductive healthcare in Arizona and across our country are appalling. As a state legislator, I have always fought to protect reproductive rights, and I will continue to do so in Congress.

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Strengthening Social Security and Medicare

Earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare are crucial to the American way of life. Not only do they need to be protected, they should be strengthened for future generations. Special interest groups and wealthy corporations continue to try and chip away at these bedrock programs. As your representative in Congress, I will fight them every step of the way to guarantee the future of these programs.

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