David Bradley, Former Arizona Senate Minority Leader (LD-10)
Sharon Bronson, Pima County Supervisor
Kelli Butler, State Representative (LD-28)
Andrés Cano, State Representative (LD-3)
George Cunningham, Former State Senator
Paul Cunningham, Tucson City Council Member
Mitzi Epstein, State Representative (LD-18)

Kristel Foster, Former TUSD Governing Board Member
Rosanna Gabaldón, State Senator (LD-2)
Melody Hernandez, State Representative (LD-26)
Christine Marsh, State Senator (LD-28)
JoAnna Mendoza, USMC Gunnery Sergeant (Retired)
Natalie Luna Rose, TUSD Governing Board Member
Lisa Otondo, State Senator (LD-4)
Jamescita Peshlakai, State Senator (LD-7)

Jonathan Rothschild, Former Tucson Mayor
Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, State Representative (LD-10)
Betty Villegas, Former Pima County Supervisor


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"I've known Kirsten for years and have seen how committed she is to protecting our environment and strengthening our economy. As our next Congresswoman, she'll focus on rebuilding from the pandemic in a fair and equitable manner that will help all Southern Arizonans."

- Jonathan Rothschild, Former Tucson Mayor